Farmer rescued two kittens, turns out they were leopard cubs

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Three-month-old Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis).

A farmer who lives in India’s Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district thought he was doing a good thing when he rescued two tiny kittens. They were tiny and shivering, so Kiran Giri took them to his home in the village of Bajrikheda. After a few days of nurturing the kittens back to health, he noticed something wasn’t right. Instead of meowing at him, they were growling, India Times reported.

He called the local government officials and they let him know the two cats he rescued and rehabilitated weren’t kittens, but instead leopard cubs. The cubs were taken to the Van Vihar rescue shelter. Unfortunately, the cubs were beyond saving and were too sick.

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Both cubs, a male and female died later at the rescue center.