New Jersey family created a life-sized boardgame during the pandemic lockdown, now they’re selling it

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A New Jersey family might have just stumbled upon the next great American pastime, “What’s next?“, a lifesized game for the whole family to play.

“When the severity of Covid-19 was first discovered, everyone was advised to have little contact with those outside their home. Marlee and Jerry (parents of a 4 and 6 year old) needed some fun and active things to do around the house with their children. So the creativity began, and What’s Next? was born,” the family said.

The Aversa family of Williamstown, New Jersey created this life-sized game out of months of being stuck at home during New Jersey’s COVID-19 lockdown. Now, it’s available for sale and still shipping for the holidays.

Check out What’s Next? on Amazon.

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