State police block Republican legislators from Statehouse again over vaccine passport requirement

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Photo by Serena DiMaso.

TRENTON, NJ – Once again, under orders from Governor Phil Murphy and the Democrat party, the New Jersey State Police have denied Republican legislators access to Statehouse, locking doors on at least five elected officials.

State Police troopers locked the doors, denying the Republicans entry. Two weeks ago, the State Police force blocked Republicans before eventually allowing them to enter. The troopers involved in allowing the Republicans access to vote have since been reassigned, according to multiple reports.

“To put the state troopers in the position to have to enforce this kind of policy that is clearly unconstitutional and not the right thing to do‚ it’s a really bad thing, and it’s a bad precedent,” Assemblyman Brian Bergen, R-Morris, said in an interview with Advance Media. “If we allow the governor to say the state troopers can bar entry to the Statehouse to legislators, it’s clearly not the intent of the Constitution.”

New Jersey Senator Joe Pennachio questions the science behind the extreme decisions being made by the Murphy administration.

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“Murphy says he is following the science. He’s not following it, he is ignoring it, and the confusion and fear is causing the public to lose confidence in the leadership and messaging emanating from Trenton,” Pennachio said.

New Jersey Assemblyman Brian Bergen was one of the representatives blocked by state troopers.