Psaki says war on COVID-19 changed to ‘reducing deaths’ now, not cases

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U.S. President Biden visits Kentucky

When President Joe Biden took office, he promised Americans he would win the war against COVID-19 and eradicate the disease with the Trump era vaccine brought to existence through Operation Warp Speed.

Now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says it’s no longer about reducing cases, but minimizing death and hospitalizations.

“His objective is to continue to make vaccines available and reduce cases around the country,” Psaki said.

She then walked back her statement, clarifying, “Reduce hospitalizations and deaths across the country and do that through making vaccines, testing, and a range of utilities available.”

The statement comes as the latest round of COVID-19 brought on by the new omicron variant is generating large increases in positive cases nationwide, as home testing kit supplies dry up and state and local testing facilities across the country are now booked for weeks in advance.