Here’s why Phil Murphy’s flawed COVID-19 policy is kaput when he returns from Costa Rica

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TRENTON, NJ – For almost two years, New Jerseyans have been forced to listen to life under COVID-19 from the perspective of a lifelong Massachusetts native, former Goldman Sachs millionaire who lives in a $10 million waterfront mansion and vacations in far off exotic lands, including a private villa in Italy and a winter break in Costa Rica.

Phil Murphy has been wrong at every turn when it comes to fighting COVID-19 and the omicron virus highlights his failure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First, the governor decided to go on a holiday as New Jersey is experiencing its largest COVID-19 outbreak on record. He has abandoned the ship as it sank. The good news is, New Jersey is going to make it out ok without him. They will be fine without his weekly briefing tomorrow and once everyone recovers from omicron, they will have a new outlook on life.

First, Murphy promised us that if we rolled up our sleeves and took the shot, we’d be protected. He was wrong. Omicron doesn’t care about your vaccination status. He said if we all wore masks, we would be safe. He told us that the pandemic was a ‘pandemic among the vaccinated’ and that only the dirty unvaccinated were the ones putting the world at risk.

Again, he was wrong. Omicron is spreading the same among the vaccinated and boosted as it is among the unvaccinated. Omicron is spreading among the masked, double-masked and unmasked equally.

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Omicron is almost what the world needed to prove that the progressive liberal left had it all wrong. Their lockdowns, their business closures, school mask mandates, vaccinations, boosters…none of it worked.

Record numbers of Americans are getting infected by COVID-19 this week and it’s expected to continue climbing.

Murphy said he had the virus under control and bragged about the state’s vaccination levels and testing capacities. Today, New Jersey is one of the omicron epicenters and testing facilities are overbooked, understaffed. Home testing kits are virtually unavailable as Murphy sits on a Costa Rican beach downing buckets of Coronas with lime.

In the beginning of the pandemic, Murphy told us “14 days to flatten the curve”. He lied. It’s now two years later and the curve has turned into an insurmountable cliff that even the most advanced rock climbers would not be able to ascend. The curve is worse than its ever been.

He shut down our businesses for the common good. That led to unemployment, business closures, and a record level of people who can pay their rent and mortgages. Next spring, the reality of Murphy’s actions will hit hard once moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures expire and tens of thousands of New Jerseyans become homeless.

Phil Murphy sent infected senior citizens into nursing homes that eventually lead to the deaths of thousands of senior citizens because he said, he was following the science. That science turned out to be deadly and this week, the state paid millions to family members who lost their loved ones because of his irresponsible actions.

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Phil Murphy told us bars and restaurants were a source of spreading COVID-19, but said the science dictated that if you walk around in a bar or restaurant, you should wear a mask. But once you sit, you can take your mask off. History will one day look back at this policy as one of the most absurd scientific claims in human history.

The governor told us that huge Black Lives Matter Rallies were not superspreaders, but anti-government tyranny protests were.

He told us that we should not have Christmas dinners with families, but suggested we all crowd into large stadiums and auditoriums to cheer on local college football and basketball teams.

Murphy told us we should wear masks indoors, but was spotted countless times not wearing masks indoors, but each time gave us an excuse as to why his violations were exempt.

The governor told us that it’s ok to be indoors unmasked in crowds as long as we knew the vaccination status of those crowds. It turns out, omicron doesn’t care about anyone’s vaccination status and that Murphy’s policy was once again flawed science.

When Phil Murphy returns from Costa Rica, hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans, vaccinated, boosted and unvaccinated will have already contracted and recovered from omicron.

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He will then tell those fully-vaccinated, fully boosted, naturally immune New Jerseyans that they must lock themselves indoor, work remotely, continue putting face masks on their children and will order businesses to be shut down.

This is New Jersey and Phil Murphy might finally learn what being from New Jersey is about. The people aren’t going to listen to him anymore. Only the naive, ignorant and uneducated will continue following his lead. He has been wrong at every turn, and now that a large bulk of the population will have contracted the virus and survived, he’s going to have a hard time convincing New Jerseyans that he has the solution to all of our problems.

Most of us know what the problem is…Phil Murphy.

Remember that time Ted Cruz went to Cancun during a snowstorm. Phil Murphy abandoned his people during the height of a global pandemic and New Jerseyans might not be able to forgive him for that. On the other hand, his absence is probably the best thing that could have happened to us as a state, so who knows.

All we can do is wait for January 1st to see what kind of hammer he’s going to drop and we’ll be watching to see what the response is. We can bet few are going to listen to him this time around.