New Jersey police chief pissed off after Bill De Blasio pro-criminal policy led to release of wanted cop killer

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FAIRVIEW, NJ – Mye Johnson, 27-year-old New York City school safety agent was gunned down and killed outside an Astoria bar while celebrating her birthday with her friends. The three friends were ambushed by gunfire outside the bar as her two companions were also shot.

Johnson was killed in the hail of gunfire. She was a mother of a 7-year-old boy and worked security at JHS117 in Brooklyn.

The shooter fled the scene in a white BMW, heading west across the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, but was caught speeding by a Fairview, New Jersey police officer. The car was impounded and the occupants were allowed to leave in a taxi. Moments later, police received an APB on the vehicle out of New York City.

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Fairview Police Officer Sebastian Castano stopped the taxi and initiated a traffic stop based on the alert out of New York City. He had the killer in custody, but was forced to let him go because New York City police said there was insufficient probable cause for Castano to make an arrest. The NYPD response put the New Jersey police department in a position where it had no choice but to let Johnson’s murderer go free.

Fairview Police Chief Martin Kahn is now pissed off because his officers had the suspect and were forced to let him go.

“We had this gift-wrapped,” Kahn said. “But because of what the mayor is doing to law enforcement over there, guys can’t properly do their jobs anymore. Their hands are tied.”

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The suspect is still at large.