East Haven Police respond to child burn victim who did “Woosh Bottle Experiment”

EAST HAVEN, CT – Fire Chief Matt Marcarelli and Fire Marshal Charles Miller warned of the latest TikTok danger called “The Whoosh Bottle Experiment” after a town youth was burned while attempting the latest social media craze. This experiment involves the use of alcohol and a bottle which is ignited and creates a “whoosh”.

On December 28, 2021 the East Haven Fire Department responded at around 8:30 PM to a call for burns, and during the course of treating the injured party learned that the child had been burned while imitating a TikTok experiment causing severe burns. The child and is now being treated at the Bridgeport Hospital Burn Center after being transferred from Yale Children’s Hospital.

The Fire Chief reminds the public that fire is not a toy, “this could easily have led to a fatality as well as a major fire in the house. Alcohol is a volatile flammable liquid and can act as an accelerant.” The Chief said.

Fire Marshal Charles Miller investigated incident and will be reaching out to the East Haven Public Schools to make sure that kids are aware of the potential dangers associated with fire and this latest social media danger. Fire Marshal Miller said “take a few minutes to talk to your children about the dangers of playing with ignitable liquids and matches and monitor what they are watching. This experiment when done incorrectly can cause severe burns that can permanently scar an individual.”