Mile High Karen: Former Raiders Cheerleader, Playboy model who assaulted man on plane had DUI arrest in November

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Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader and Playboy model Patricia Cornwall, the mile-high Karen, Patricia Cornwall who was caught on video assaulting an elderly man on a plane who was eating for not wearing a mask isn’t having a great year.

According to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, Cornwall was arrested in November for a DUI, adding to her legal troubles. It is unknown at this time whether or not Cornwall was intoxicated or under the influence during her tirade on the plane.

She was arrested upon her arrival in Atlanta by Atlanta police and transferred into FBI custody. It is not known whether or not the former Playboy model has been charged by the FBI for her mile-high assault.

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ATLANTA, GA –  Patricia Cornwall, an uruly passenger on a Delta Airlines flight from Houston to Atlanta was taken into custody when the plane landed after she assaulted an elderly man for not wearing a facemask.

The woman, who was maskless throughout the confrontation told the man to wear his facemask while he was eating during the flight.

“I’m eating!” the man replied to Cornwall.

“Put you’re f-cking mask on! Who invited you?” Cornwall yelled at the man. “Stand your ass up!”

“Sit down Karen!” the man replied. “You’re a goddamn Karen…sit down.”

The woman kept telling the man to mask up and after he called her a bitch, she attacked him and spit on him.

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“You’re going to jail, sit down Karen,” he replied.

She continued screaming, “Put your f-cking mask on.”

The woman was taken into custody by Atlanta police officer once the plane landed but it is unknown if she had been charged for the mid-air assault. She was later transferred to FBI custody.