New Jersey logs record 27,000 COVID-19 cases statewide on Wednesday as Phil Murphy continues Costa Rican family vacation

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TRENTON, NJ – All is not well in New Jersey. If you don’t know somebody in New Jersey with the omicron strain of the COVID-19 virus, you probably don’t know too many people. The virus is equally affecting vaccinated, fully vaccinated, boosted and the unvaccinated equally. Symptoms include low fevers, headaches, sore throats, dry cough, congestion and fatigue.

Whether you’re fully vaccinated and boosted or completely unvaccinated, the symptoms are identical according to reports globally and firsthand accounts.

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On Tuesday, the state recorded a record-shattering 27,000 new positive cases of COVID-19 between anti-gen and PCR positive testing results. Keeping mind, that figure is several days behind due to reporting lag, the numbers could soon reach 50,000 per day.

And that’s just people who can actually find a way to be tested. Through the largest COVID-19 spike in the history of the pandemic, Governor Phil Murphy remains in Costa Rica, on vacation with his family and according to his staff, he has no intention to return early. His next COVID-19 briefing is scheduled for next Monday.

New Jersey’s medical capacity is nearing crisis mode as hundreds of people line up each day hoping to get tested to see if they have become infected with the virus.

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy might be sitting comfortably beside a pool or beach in Central America, but back home, things are not so comfortable. Murphy is spending a weeklong family vacation in Costa Rica and Monday morning on a call with President Joe Biden and other governors over the latest COVID-19 outbreak, Murphy all was well back in his home state.

“All’s well in New Jersey, I assume, Gov?” Biden asked Murphy during the briefing.

“Amen, Mr. President,” the governor responded.

But all is not well in New Jersey. Shortly after fleeing the latest outbreak in New Jersey for his Central American Christmas Vacation, Murphy’s administration settled a massive lawsuit with family members of hundreds of senior citizens killed in New Jersey’s two veterans’ nursing homes.

Back in New Jersey, far removed from the tropical beaches and elegant resorts in sunny Costa Rica, New Jerseyans are undergoing the worst wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Case counts are soaring to as many as 20,000 confirmed daily…and that doesn’t include thousands who are unable to test.

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The silver lining in this is that omicron is an extremely mild form of COVID-19 that isn’t expected to affect healthy people negatively long term. Symptoms of omicron are similar to a common cold.

Overall, the U.S. reported 245,000 new cases today, meaning New Jersey’s cases account for 10% of the national total.