Van Drew: Phil Murphy’s 8-step plan will erode the second amendment in New Jersey further

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TRENTON, NJ – U.S. Congressman Jeff Van Drew said New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s eight step ‘gun safety’ plan will be a killer of the second amendment that is already severely crippled in New Jersey.

Congressman Van Drew issued the following statement after Governor Murphy released his 8-step plan that diminishes the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

“Governor Murphy’s anti-gun wish-list will only result in punishing legal gun owners,” said Congressman Van Drew. “The package of bills that Governor Murphy has proposed blatantly infringes on the constituional right of the American people to legally own a gun. This is not common-sense gun legislation, this is legislation that will make it tougher for law-abiding New Jerseyans to purchase a gun and will not stop criminals from committing gun violence.”

Over the next six weeks, Governor Murphy wants the state legislature to: 

  • Requires anyone applying to purchase a firearm safety course that expires every four years; 
  • Anyone moving to New Jersey must adapt and follow NJ gun laws;
  • All firearms not in use must legally be in a locked safe or lock box; 
  • Mandate that all handguns sold in NJ have a one-of-a-kind microstamping technology that can trace every specific round of ammunition fired to a specfiic gun; 
  • Require electronic recordkeeping of all guns and ammunition sold in NJ; 
  • Ban the sale of .50 caliber firearms; 
  • No mock shooter exercises in schools; 
  • Requests the state legislature to present him with a bill to hold gun distributors accountable for damages caused by firearms. 
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“I urge the New Jersey state legislature to reject these proposals and come up with actual common-sense gun legislation that does not infringe on the rights guarenteed by the Constitution.”