Lavallette Police Officer Justin Lamb sworn in as Toms River Councilman

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Justin Lamb, a police officer in Lavallette Township who lives in Toms River has been sworn in as a councilman in Toms River to replace long-time Republican councilwoman Maria Maruca. Lamb soundly defeated Maruca in the 2021 election. Lamb was joined by incumbent Dan Rodrick who also soundly defeated his Democrat opponent in the 2021 election.

When it came time to choose the new council president and vice president, the McGuckin faction of the Toms River Republican party chose to re-elect Councilman Kevin Geoghegan to serve as council president in a 4-2 vote. He was sworn in by Ocean County Commissioner Virginia Haines.

Geoghegan came under fire last week when he asked out loud, who would give him clothing advice after Huryk and Maruca’s last meeting as the only two women serving on the board departed.

Lamb and Rodrick both voted no to Geoghegan serving as council president. Councilman Matt Lotano was selected to serve as council Vice President unanimously.

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Lotano was also sworn in by Commissioner Haines, the oldest living county commissioner serving on the board.

The meeting was the first meeting attended by Greg McGuckin since his appointment in the spring of 2020. McGuckin has been a council meeting no-show with a 0% attendance since being appointed by Mayor Maurice Hill almost two years ago.