Man Reportedly Breaks Neck, Dies While Trying To Jump Turnstile in New York City

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NYC subway turnstile Photo 141573728 © Joseph Perone |

A man died Sunday after jumping a subway turnstile in New York City and breaking his neck after landing on the floor, multiple sources reported.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, was pronounced dead Sunday around 6:45 a.m. after authorities found him lying unconscious on the floor of the Forest Hills-71 Avenue train station in Queens, New York,  the New York Post reported.

Survalence video obtained by the NYP reportedly shows De La Cruz’s attempt to jump the turnstile in addition to his fatal fall. De La Cruz appeared to lose his balance and stumble multiple times while trying to jump, ultimately falling on his head.

De La Cruz appeared motionless after falling between the turnstiles. Local authorities said the 28-year-old was “attempting to evade the fare” before falling to his death, the NYP reported.

The penalty for jumping the turnstile is a civil citation as of 2018, according to Fox News. The accused can either pay a $100 penalty, which is similar to a standard traffic ticket, or fight the case in the Transit Adjudication Bureau.

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