Boston Terrier Stolen From His Owner on Christmas has Miracle Reunion

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Yogi is an adorable Boston Terrier. He was adopted by a man that lived alone. For the past five years it was just Yogi and his dad. Christmas Morning Danny went to the Gas Station and left him in the car for a few moments as he went inside to pay for the gas. He left the pooch in the car and cracked the window so it didn’t get too hot for him.

When he came back to the car, the dog was missing. Someone stole him! Danny was heartbroken. Him and his family searched everywhere, put out flyers and even posted to social media, but there was no sign of him anywhere.

While being interviewed by a local TV Station a few days later, Danny received a call from the police department. Deputies found Yogi, and brought him back to the gas station. Yogi was tearfully reunited with Danny. Danny thanked the officers for bringing him back his precious dog.

Watch this sweet story below.