COVID “Warrior Princess” pissed off after learning husband took kids out to restaurant while she was out of town

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The head of the COVID-19 Survivor Corps, dedicated to supporting survivors of COVID-19 is pissed off at her husband after learning he put them in harm’s way and took them to a restaurant for dinner…every night of the week.

Founder Diana Zicklin Barrett took to Twitter to criticize her husband for putting her children in grave danger.

“My husband took my kids to eat indoors at a restaurant tonight and,” she tweeted. “OMG I’ve been out of town for two weeks and he just admitted to taking them to dinner indoors Every. F*cking. Night. I don’t know whether to be angry or cry.”

Barrett’s Twitter feed is full of COVID-19 fear-mongering stories about children on respirators and in hospital beds, now she’s being attacked on Twitter after over 800,000 people participated in the conversation about her post about her husband’s very dangerous acts.

She later defended her husband against attacks against her, “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but my husband would hate you COVID denying creeps as much as you all hate me. Sorry.”

Now she’s wondering how to block criticism after thousands bashed her for her comment.

“I’ve received *thousands* of these since yesterday. Anyone know how to batch report / block?” she asked in response to a post criticizing her.

“To her husband: Can’t you see I’m trying to develop an online personality and business based around being terrified of COVID???? What are you doing trying to live normally with our children???? Put another mask on them so they can lose more teeth!” one Twitter user said.