New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner says unless you have booster shot, you’re not fully protected from COVID-19

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Hands of doctor injecting coronavirus covid-19 vaccine in vaccine syringe to arm muscle of caucasian man for covid immunization. Bearded man wearing protective mask getting ready to be vaccinated.

TRENTON, NJ – On Monday, the state of New Jersey essentially changed the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to include COVID-19 booster shots. New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said that unless you receive your COVID-19 booster shot, you are no longer fully protected from the COVID-19 virus. Even if you are fully boosted, there is no guarantee that you are fully protected either.

The omicron variant of the virus has infected the unvaccinated, fully vaccinated and boosted.

“As for boosters, we are continuing to see more and more people getting boosted, which is a good thing, but with only little more than 45% of those eligible having gotten their booster, this number is not going up as fast as we either want or need it,” Persichilli said. “There are more than 1900 locations across New Jersey administering vaccines, and again, we have made it easy. The fact is that right now if you are six months out from your primary vaccination course of Pfizer or Moderna or two months out from J&J, you are no longer fully protected. The efficacy wanes over time, and you are vulnerable to Omicron or even Delta because that has not entirely left the building either. We see this in the slowly increasing number of new infections reported in individuals who had completed their primary vaccination courses.”

Persichilli did not discuss the efficacy of natural immunity from fully vaccinated New Jerseyans who also contracted the omicron variant and have since recovered. She also did not mention whether or not New Jerseyans who are fully vaccinated, but not boosted, who contracted omicron should receive booster shots.