2021 Election Loser Jack Ciattarelli Supports Phil Murphy’s Request to Extend Pandemic Powers by 90 Days

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SOMERSET, NJ – Jack Ciattarelli showed New Jersey this week why he was unable to defeat unpopular New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy when he publicly supported the governor’s 90-day extension of his pandemic emergency powers.

“Given where we are with the virus right now, with our hospitals and ICU units nearing capacity, it’s understandable, especially with regard to vaccine distribution and testing,” Ciattarelli said about Murphy’s request to extend his authority during the omicron surge.

After pushback from Republicans and being the only Republican in New Jersey to see Murphy’s request in a positive light, Ciattarelli later walked his statement back.

“I think there would be widespread concern if the governor’s going to use executive power authority to start announcing new statewide restrictions. That’s the last thing people want to see,” Ciattarelli later said. “I would never use that authority for statewide restrictions that didn’t work last time around.”

New Jersey Republicans in the Senate and Assembly have indicated they will oppose Murphy’s latest power grab.