New Jersey legislators banding together to oppose latest Phil Murphy pandemic power grab

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TRENTON, NJ – Senator Michael L. Testa (R-1) today announced his strong opposition to the proposed legislation to extend the Governor’s emergency powers for another 90 days.

Murphy sent a letter to Democrat legislators on Tuesday asking them to extend his emergency pandemic powers for another 90 days, allowing him to bypass the lawmakers’ constitutional authority to create public policy and laws.

“I will vote against any measure to extend this Governor’s emergency powers for one more second much less for another 90 days. Phil Murphy’s unlimited power has damaged our state, shut the doors on a third of our small businesses and harmed our residents. It is well past time for the Legislature – Republicans and Democrats – to stand up on behalf of our constituents.  I opposed this same effort last summer and the Governor’s failures and missteps have proven the wisdom of that position.

“I would ask that any member of the Legislature who is planning to vote to give the Governor another 90 days of unfettered power also submit a letter of immediate resignation at the same time. If you don’t want to do your job as a legislator, I’m sure the people of your district can easily find someone who will.”

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