Pushaw: The American people see AOC for what she is, a hypocrite

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MIAMI, FL – Christina Pushaw, the public information officer for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis struck back at New York City progressive Democrat Congresswoman Sandy Cortez saying she is a hypocrite who fled her home state of New York and pandemic lockdowns to enjoy a freedom filled vacation in Florida.

“She can throw as many flames as she wants to, but the reality is, she chose to come to Florida. She chose to come to my hometown in Miami to experience a little bit of freedom,” Pushaw said. “And when you talk a big game about socialism, it’s ironic and very rich that she would come to the free state of Florida maskless all the time and it’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. The American people realize she’s a farce and nothing more than a hypocrite.”

AOC has rebuked criticism by the right for her vacation to Florida, saying sex-crazed Republicans are just mad they can’t date her. Pushaw has no interest in dating Cortez according to insider reports out of Florida.

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