CDC Director says over 75% of people who died from COVID-19 have at least 4 co-morbidities

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It appears that the U.S. Government is finally positioning itself for life after COVID after the CDC announced that those most at risk of dying from the COVID-19 are people who were very sick prior to getting COVID-19.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has identified a large group of Americans who are most at risk from dying of COVID-19. Walensky said 75% of all COVID-19 deaths occurred in people who have passed from the virus had at least four co-morbidities.

“People who were unwell to begin with and good news in the context of omicron,” she said. “We’re really encouraged by these results.

As of Monday, 836,000 Americans have died, according to government figures of COVID-19 related causes. Of those 836,000 more than 600,000 people, according to Walensky were not well and had at least four separate co-morbidities.

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