About half a million New Jersey residents have had COVID since Christmas Governor says

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Asian young woman with hygiene protective face mask using SARS 2019-nCoV COVID-19 coronavirus antigen rapid test kit - ag test kit at home. COVID-19 antigen rapid test.

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy this week said over 380,000 New Jersey residents have contracted COVID-19 since Christmas and that figure doesn’t include possibly hundreds of thousands more who did not report their illness to health officials.

That’s because Murphy says a large number of people who are using at-home test kits are not reporting their results to their local or county health departments.

Now, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 are hovering in the 25,000 to 35,000 range each day. On Monday, CDC Director Rochell Walensky confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are not stopping the transmission of the omicron variant of the virus, but still suspects those shots are reducing symptoms in patients.

“Keep in mind, we know that the roughly 195,000 cases from the past week and about 380,000 since Christmas are likely a significant undercount that does not capture many at-home test results,” Murphy said on Monday.

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