Lockdown Lori, Chicago Mayor, and COVID-19 hypocrite has COVID

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Lockdown Lori, the mayor of Chicago caught maskless at a basketball game in her city, File Photo.

CHICAGO, IL – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a COVID-19 pandemic lockdown politician, mask shamer, vax shamer and lockdown hypocrite has announced she has the COVID virus.

Lightfoot, an outspoken liberal Mayor was caught several times during the pandemic violating her own mandated COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and has been a frequent pandemic mask and vaccine shamer throughout the two-year pandemic.

Today, she announced she has the virus in her body, despite being fully vaccinated, boosted, and (sometimes) following her city and CDC public mask-wearing guidelines.

“Earlier today, I tested positive for COVID-19. I am experiencing cold-like symptoms but otherwise feel fine which I credit to being vaccinated and boosted. I will continue to work from home while following the CDC guidelines for isolation,” Lightfoot tweeted.

Lightfoot is the latest progressive liberal democrat to contract the virus. Earlier this week, New York City firebrand socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez contracted the virus after partying masking at a Miami gay bar.