More than half of patients in this New Jersey hospital with COVID-19 are vaccinated

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FILE PHOTO: Patients undergo COVID-19 treatment at a Riga East Clinical University Hospital

Elizabeth, NJ – Either Elizabeth, New Jersey is a COVID-19 anomaly or Governor Phil Murphy is not providing residents of the state with accurate and truthful news about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Phil Murphy this week reiterated that the current outbreak in New Jersey is affecting mostly unvaccinated patients and that the bulk of patients in ICU and on ventilators are unvaccinated.

In the past, Murphy has declared the pandemic, “A pandemic of the unvaccinated”, a claim echoed this week by President Joe Biden.

But, data released Thursday by the City of Elizabeth tell a much different story. The city reported more than 50% of Trinitas Regional Medical Center’s more serious COVID-19 patients are vaccinated.

“Trinitas currently has 73 patients admitted with COVID-19, 32 of those patients are unvaccinated, 14 are in the ICU, 5 are unvaccinated,” the city said. “There are also 12 patients on a ventilator, and 4 are unvaccinated.”

That means 75% of patients on ventilators at the hospital are vaccinated. Overall 57% of patients being treated at Trinitas are vaccinated and 43% are unvaccinated.

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65% of patients in the hospital’s ICU are vaccinated compared to 35% who are unvaccinated.

“As you can see, our hospital numbers are still significantly high, meaning this virus is not over. That is why it is very important that we continue to get vaccinated, try to follow social distance rules, wear your face masks or coverings when you cannot distance, and wash your hands frequently,” the city said.

Shore News Network was unable to reach out to Trinity to confirm the city’s claim.