Lakewood basketball players harassed in Barnegat over race, sneakers, report

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BARNEGAT, NJ – Lakewood middle school girls basketball players reported they were called racist epitaphs and mocked for not wearing good sneakers during a December matchup against Barnegat Middle School.

According to NJ101.5, Lakewood superintendent of schools Michael Inzelbuch said some of the girls were harassed by Barnegat players. After an investigation, it was determined to be fans in the crowd making the comments.

“After the game, two of the players, one who is African American, confided in their coach that she was being called a black b****,” Inzelbuch told New Jersey 101.5. “The other girl was being taunted that she must be homeless because she can’t afford sneakers.”

“Our kids have who have so much going against them between poverty and other things, this was very upsetting to them,” Inzelbuch said.

Last summer, a New York City girl’s softball team for poor and disadvantaged teens faced similar criticism from the locals.

The mostly Hispanic team was told to “go back where you come from” from fans and players from an Egg Harbor Township team.

“During our 4th game with EHT Tornadoes their coach stated to our coach ‘go back where you came from’ prior to yelling at one of our players from across the dugout,” said mom Lilah Mejia. “I never would have imagined that I would experience racism on the field in this matter. What was more disturbing was the referee and the organizers for Phoenix Rising Tournament did nothing.”

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