Murphy administration “unkills” 239 previously “confirmed” COVID-19 deaths

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Trenton, NJ – It’s not a technical error or a glitch in the New Jersey Department of Health matrix, but on Monday, Governor Phil Murphy “unkilled” 239 previously reported COVID-19 deaths.

The administration had previously reported 27,221 total confirmed deaths statewide as of this weekend. On Monday, 239 of those deaths were mysteriously deleted and the latest COVID-19 dashboard reports 26,981 confirmed COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020.

Those deaths were ‘confirmed’ previously by the New Jersey Department of Health but now have been removed from the state’s overall official death toll.

Murphy administration officials were unavailable for comment regarding the undead tally due to the Martin Luther King holiday.

Editor’s Note: After publishing this story, the Murphy administration updated the confirmed COVID-19 death count to 27,251, adding 30 additional deaths in addition to replacing the previous day’s omissions.

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