Gavin Newsom says California looks like a third-world country, doesn’t realize he did it

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LOS ANGELES, CA – As crime runs rampant and the streets and railways of California are littered with trash, discarded packaging from stolen trains and homeless encampments, Governor Gavin Newsom finally saw what the rest of America sees.

California was once known as the state of sunshine, Hollywood, pristine Pacific Ocean Beaches and palm trees. Now, it’s known as a state of homelessness, oppression and uncontrolled state-sponsored violence and crime.

After looking at images from Lincoln Heights, after months of train thefts, Newsom finally admitted, his state looks like a third-world country.

“The images looked like a Third World country,” Newsom told reporters this week. “What you saw here in the last week is just not acceptable. So, I took off the suit and tie and said I’m coming because I couldn’t take it. I can’t turn on the news anymore. What the hell is going on?”

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