Van Drew Ally, New Jersey Democrat Abandons Party After Phil Murphy signed new abortion law

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by Marissa Amara

A New Jersey committeeman said he was leaving the Democratic Party in response to “expanded abortion legislation” under Gov. Phil Murphy, according to a statement obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“The Democratic party of today is not at all in line with my views. I want to be a part of the new day here in Buena Vista Township. I’m looking forward to continuing to serve alongside talented Republicans,” Buena Vista Committeeman John Williams told the DCNF in a statement. Williams added that he was “proud” to seek reelection on the Republican ticket alongside Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who also is a former Democrat.

“I am pro-life, and I am doing this to have a better shot to stay on council and for religious reasons,” Williams told Democratic Municipal Chairman Quentin McClellan, according to text messages obtained by the New Jersey Globe. Murphy signed the legislation into law on Jan. 13, guaranteeing the right to an abortion regardless of whether the Supreme Court votes to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Associated Press reported.

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, proposed that the court should leave the issue of abortion to the states and “return to the position of neutrality,” according to Dec. 1 oral arguments.

Williams was the only Democrat member of the four-seat Buena Vista Township Committee following a Republican victory in 2021, the Globe reported.

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