Phil Murphy says 2021 election close call won’t change his policy direction, government is a force for good

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy this week, in an interview with former Bridgegate architect David Wildstein on his 77 WABC radio said that he’s not changing up anything, even though he narrowly defeated his opponent Jack Ciattarelli in November.

Amidst a red wave that swept through some parts of New Jersey, Murphy says the 3% margin is going to sway his path forward or play on future government decision-making policies as he plays out his second and final term in office.

Murphy in fact said the opposite, crediting his victory to his policies and executive orders during the two-year-long pandemic emergency that has been in place in the state.

“If we didn’t have those policies in place, we could have been washed away itself,” Murphy said. “I don’t think it changes what we believe in or what we’re going to do.”

Murphy said his narrow margin over Jack Ciattarelli is simply a reminder there are a whole lot of kitchen tables whose discussions over dinner, “We need to make sure that we have some presence that government, remind folks that what we’re doing…government is a force for good.”

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“We’re going to do a lot of listening because there are people out there who are screaming out for help,” the governor said.

Murphy said he wants to reach out to those people and change their lives for the good.

The governor said in 2021, his campaign got all the votes he thought he would, even boasting about receiving more votes in 2021 than he did in 2017.

When asked, Murphy declined to accept any responsibility for the loss of Democrat President Steve Sweeney who lost to unknown Republican truck driver Ed Durr.