He set his pregnant girlfriend on fire with gasoline and is now out on $5,000 bail

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DETROIT, MI – According to court records, 41-year-old Devonne Marsh, of Detroit was arrested earlier this month for dousing his pregnant girlfriend with gasoline then lighting her on fire. The woman who was six and a half months pregnant with twins received burns over 60% of her body.

Two days later, Marsh was released from the Wayne County jail and set free on a $50,000 bail, to which he only was required to post 10%. To make matters worse, there was a hold on Marsh for charges in Detroit, but he was released by Wayne county

The 26-year-old woman is still in the hospital in critical condition and might lose her babies according to the Detroit Police Department. Marsh has a long rap sheet that includes drug charges, gun charges and a prior assault.

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