Dan Bongino didn’t get banned from Twitter, he quit after being censored for criticizing the ineffectiveness of cloth facemasks

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While YouTube and the mainstream media are portraying Fox News host Dan Bongino’s exodus from the video-sharing platform as a permanent ban, Bongino says it was his choice to leave, not YouTube’s.

Bongino, an investor in YouTube competitor Rumble said last night that he received a warning from YouTube about a video he posted, then posted another video called, “Why I’m leaving YouTube”. In response to that video, YouTube banned Bongino after he had already submitted his resignation from the left-controlled platform.

“YouTube you know is run by communists of course,” Bongino said. “And they’re terrified of me because I’m an investor in [Rumble] which actually believes in free speed so they hate my guts.”

“They were looking for a reason to get rid of me, so I dared question the efficacy of masks,” Bongino said.

In order to enact a suspension of Bongino, YouTube went back into his video posting history to look for policy violations and issued his warning.

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“It’s one of those ‘You can’t quit, we’re going to fire you.”

Bongino said he questioned the use of cloth facemasks and their ineffectiveness, a stance now taken by the Centers for Disease Control and health agencies nationwide.

“If masks work, why aren’t masks working,” Bongino said.