Vehicles stuck in Brick, police warn residents to stay home until storm passes

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Snowfall in Brick township reaches up to one foot as police warn residents to stay off the roads. January 29, 2022. Brick Police Dept.

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – Brick Township has received approximately one foot of snow, or more in some areas overnight. Snow drifts driven by high winds could make that accumulation deeper in some areas and now, police are reporting drivers being stuck in the snow across the township.

The Brick Police Department is requesting that all residents stay off the road until the storm passes and the roads are cleared.

“The winds are causing deep snowdrifts. Vehicles not equipped with 4-wheel drive are getting stuck. We ask that everyone do their best to stay off the roads, especially those whose vehicles are not 4-wheel or all-wheel-drive until the storm has passed and the roads have been cleared,” the Brick Police Department said this morning.

The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for the region through 4 p.m. today.

Heavy snow, strong winds, and severely reduced visibilities will continue this morning. Snow will end this afternoon from west to east. However, winds will remain strong, creating considerable blowing and drifting snow through late afternoon.

Up to four more inches of snow is expected to fall today.

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