Beautiful Golden Retriever Rescued from Abandoned House Makes Miracle Cancer Recovery

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When the rescue received a call about a dog living in an abandoned home during the cold winter, they rushed over to him. The sad Golden Retriever ran away from them. The rescue caught up with him and brought him to safety.

During the car ride the poor pup had tears in his eyes and was in terrible physical and emotional pain, yet he was very obedient. At the Animal Hospital many tests were done on Alex.

Alex suffered from cancer and an ear infection. He was fighting for his life. His rescuer took him on walks and hand fed him chicken during this difficult time. His chemotherapy was done in the hospital. When his hair started falling out, she decided to shave his hair.

After treatments his cancer miraculously disappeared and Alex was healthy. He was finally able to come home to his rescuer. Alex was so happy to finally have a nice home where he is loved every second. He now has a new lease on life.

Watch this heartwarming story below.

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