I can’t wait for y’all to die, Jersey Shore man threatens funeral of NYPD officer Wilbert Mora

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NEPTUNE, NJ – A Jersey Shore man, Terrell Harper, 39, whose last known address was in Neptune in Monmouth County has raised concerns over security at the funeral for New York Police Department police officer Wilbert Mora. Mora and Jason Rivera were both shot and killed responding to a call in the city last week.

Ahead of Wednesday’s funeral for Mora, Harper said he wish he had known about Rivera’s funeral and said he will “Make News ASAP” on Wednesday, leading authorities to call for more security.

“If I had known about that mother-f-cking funeral, I would have f-cked that sh-t up, bro, all the way, 100 percent,” Harper said in the video. “That a’ been a wet dream. I can’t wait. I’m lookin’ for the next cop funeral.”

Harper then threatened to cause violence at the funeral.

“I’m tellin’ ya: I’m gonna f-ck that sh-t up, bro, I’ll make news ASAP,” he said.

He said he wasn’t going to stop there and created a manifesto to attack future funerals of fallen police officers.

“You nigg-as better not die no time soon because I’m gonna f-ck your funeral up,” he continued. “Son, that’s going to be my new threat to them…I can’t wait for one of you all to die so I can f-ck your funeral up, n-gga.”