This New Jersey county was twice as deadly on the roadways as nearly every other county in the state

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OLD BRIDGE, NJ – When it comes to safe roadways, New Jersey ranks pretty well when it is compared to the rest of the country. In fact, New Jersey is the fourth safest state in America when it comes to deaths per 100,000 population. The only safer states to drive in are New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

You can probably say in jest, New Jersey roads are safe because they’re always congested, but it has more to do with the state’s typically well-built and maintained highways, traffic enforcement, and perhaps the fear of skyrocketing insurance premiums and outlandish fines for motor vehicle violations.

The most dangerous states to drive in are Wyoming, New Mexico, and Mississippi.

What about here in New Jersey? In the month of January of this year, most counties across the state averaged between one and three traffic fatalities, but there was one county that was host to ten roadway deaths.

Three most deadly counties to drive in New Jersey in January 2022

Middlesex County witnessed 10 roadway deaths in January including two on Route 1 and two on County Route 615. Six drivers, two passengers and two pedestrians were killed in Middlesex County during January.

Camden County suffered 8 roadway fatalities. Those deaths included two drivers, two passengers, and two pedestrians.

In Atlantic County, 4 people died on the roadways in January including three on the White Horse Pike alone.