New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy hints at further vaccine mandates: We gotta get folks boosted

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said every time he thinks he has COVID-19 figured out, it humbles you. But if you ask many residents in the Garden State, they might say the governor has never figured out COVID.

“Every time you think you have this figured out it humbles you,” Murphy said.

In fact, the governor was humbled after his wife Tammy tested positive for COVID-19 after the family’s Christmas vacation to Costa Rica just days after returning.

“She did everything right,” Murphy said, referring to the First Lady being fully vaccinated, boosted, and wearing face masks.

When asked on NBC’s Meet the Press whether or not he supports vaccine mandates, after promising there would not be a vaccine mandate during his 2021 election campaign, the governor said yes.

He touted his healthcare worker vaccine mandate and hinted there might be more mandates to come.

“Frankly in New Jersey, we’re under boosted…getting folks up is a national challenge,” Murphy said. “Whether it’s mandate or not, we gotta get more folks boosted.”

“We’re not gonna manage this to zero, we have to learn to live with this,” Murphy said.