New Jersey’s frontline healthcare workers deserve more than a memorial and a pat on the back

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Tired nurse, exhausted from working long shifts during the pandemic takes a break.

NEWARK, NJ – When COVID-19 was new and unknown, most of America locked themselves inside their homes for months. Businesses were shut down. Schools were closed. Life essentially stopped dead in its tracks for an entire nation.

That is unless you worked as a nurse, doctor, or any other frontline job in the emergency healthcare industry. For nearly a year, these workers went face to face with the deadly COVID-19 vaccine, many being lost to the virus they were fighting.

They showed up day in and day out, knowing that they will be working closely with COVID-19 positive patients and that they could bring the deadly disease home to their families, but they kept coming. They endured and cared for our state’s most sick and desperate victims of the pandemic.

They weren’t protected. There was no vaccine. All they had were the gloves on their hands and the masks on their faces to protect themselves against the deadly virus, but they went home each night knowing that New Jersey and America appreciated them. They were honored as frontline heroes.

Fast-forward one year and now many of them, who endured two years of the pandemic, staring COVID-19 in the eye day to day are being treated as villains. They’re being forced out of their jobs at all levels. Governor Phil Murphy who once praised them, now looks down at them with scorn because some are choosing to waive their decision to get vaccinated.

Many of them have had COVID-19 themselves…some twice. They have natural immunity and if they are making their own personal medical decision, for whatever reason, which doesn’t matter, to not get the vaccine.

In a state where natural immunity to a virus, a medically sound principle, has absolutely no value or worth in the eyes of their employers and the state government.

Sure, they might get a memorial. There’s a bill circulating in Trenton that calls for a COVID-19 Frontline Healthcare Worker Memorial, but it’s nothing but political lip service by a Democrat party who looks upon the unvaccinated frontline workers with disgust, contempt and scorn.

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Under Phil Murphy’s latest mandate, based on a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing governors like Murphy to enact vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, they now face losing their jobs. Many already have.

A memorial doesn’t put food on the table, nor does it pay the bills. Phil Murphy is still operating under 2020 COVID-19 rules. The COVID-19 vaccine has been ineffective in stopping the spread of the latest omicron variant. Boosters have also been ineffective. While those shots help lessen the severity of the virus infection, the mandate to force a vaccine is no longer based on science.

The vaccine mandate was created to mitigate the spread of the virus from one person to another. Now since they have been proven to be unable to do that, vaccination should be a personal choice. We can surely recommend everyone gets a vaccine, but nobody should ever be forced, in America to inject themselves with medicine that has only been in existence for less than two years.

Nobody should lose their job on the false notion that their vaccination status has any impact on any other person. This was true until the omicron variant came through and walked right through vaccines and boosters. If anyone knows the risks of getting COVID-19 it’s the frontline workers who handled the deadly virus since day one, not the Governor of New Jersey who was shocked and confused when his own wife caught the virus upon their return from Costa Rica in December. Masked up, fully vaccinated, and boosted, Murphy was dumbfounded when COVID-19 struck his own home because the COVID-19 virus is for anti-vaxxers and Republicans, not the progressive elite.

New Jersey is showing hypocrisy as it moves to build a memorial to front-line workers while the Democrat Party and Governor Phil Murphy are seeking to terminate those who don’t comply with their often questionable science.