Murphy press conference experienced technical difficulties when governor press on abuse of executive powers

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TRENTON, NJ – In the page that appeared to be right out of the playbook of the Biden administration, just after being grilled on alleged abuse of his executive powers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Murphy’s press conference was cut short due to technical difficulties.

When asked by a News 12 reporter Alex Zdan if the governor saw the latest study that showed lockdowns were not effective in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and about his overuse of executive orders to enforce draconian policies against the people of New Jersey, things went south.

“Have you read the John Hopkins study that showed lockdowns only cause a .2% difference in mortality for covid patients and that lockdowns should be rejected as a pandemic tool because they’re ill-founded,” Zdan asked. “Did we make a mistake locking down last year and in 2020? I’d like to ask you about Senator Vin Gopal signing on to Declan O’Scanlon’s bill to limit your emergency power. Why isn’t reasonable that you should have to answer to the legislature after sixty days when you declare an emergency for anything?”

As Zdan asked Murphy what metrics he would use to declare an end to the public health emergency, the meeting began experiencing technical difficulties and the meeting was ended a minute later.

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