NJ Senator Durr calls for ban on vaccine passports after parents, fans barred from youth basketball game

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File Photo - Youth basketball game.

LOGAN TOWNSHIP, NJ – Truck driver turned New Jersey state senator Ed Durr is no stranger when it comes to the little guy taking on the big guy. In November, Durr unseated New Jersey Democrat political boss Steve Sweeney, dealing a major blow to the South Jersey Democrat power base. Now, Durr is taking on the big guy himself, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

Durr is now calling for a ban on vaccine mandates statewide, a measure sure to have a rocky road in the Democrat-controlled state legislature and most likely would face a veto by Murphy if the bill were to make it to his desk.

Senator Ed Durr said he was shocked when people were denied entry to children’s basketball game in his legislative district last night due to their vaccination status, saying it’s more proof that vaccine passports need to be banned in New Jersey. In December several New Jersey cities launched their own localized version of vaccination passports, with the full support and endorsement of Governor Phil Murphy.

In November Rutgers University began requiring vaccination proof for fans to attend indoor collegiate sporting events.

“I was one of the many people who were shocked and disappointed when we were denied entry to a rec basketball game last night in Logan Twp. because we couldn’t or wouldn’t comply with a proof-of-vaccination requirement,” said Durr (R-3). “I don’t know if this was the policy of the school where the game was being held or the league’s, but I know it’s wrong. That’s why the very first bill I introduced as a senator would ban the use of vaccine passports in New Jersey.”

Durr sponsors legislation, S-831, that prohibits a person or entity from requesting, or requiring the provision of, personal health information pertaining to any individual.

The bill also prohibits entities from discriminating, in the provision of goods, services, or other benefits generally available to the public at large, against a person who declines to provide personal health information.

“My legislation would effectively ban the use of vaccine passports in New Jersey, which have no proven benefit,” added Durr. “The more we learn about all of Governor Murphy’s ineffective mandates, the more we learn how pointless and obnoxious they are.”