Republicans declare political victory after Phil Murphy’s announcement of the end of school mask mandate

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TRENTON, NJ – Republicans today are touting their victory of Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s impending announcement to lift the draconian child mask mandate. That order has been labeled by some as “child abuse”.

Today, at 1 pm, Murphy is expected to announce the end of the mask mandate effective March 7th and Republicans are taking a victory lap, claiming their recent launch of the “Give it Back” campaign is working.

Senate Republican Leader Steven Oroho said an expected announcement by Governor Phil Murphy today that he will end the school mask mandate marks the first victory for the #GiveItBack movement.

“Governor Murphy will never admit that the pressure is getting to him, but it absolutely is,” said Oroho (R-24). “That’s why he rushed to make this announcement weeks before he actually plans on lifting the school mask mandate. It’s our first ‘Give It Back’ victory.”

On Thursday, Senate Republicans launched the “Give It Back” initiative to give New Jerseyans an opportunity to tell Governor Phil Murphy in a unified voice to give back everything he has taken from them over the past two years, including parental rights to make mask decisions for their children.

Oroho said money, emergency powers, parental rights, vaccine choice, economic freedom, and safe streets are some of the things Governor Murphy has taken from New Jersey that he must give back.

“‘Give It Back’ is a powerful message that New Jerseyans can rally around to force Governor Murphy to give back everything he has taken from them over the past two years,” added Oroho. “We forced him to give back parental rights, now we need to keep the pressure on to get him to give back everything else.”

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