MONOPOLY Scratch-off Gives Bishopville Diva $100K Stack of Cash

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WORCHESTER COUNTY, MARYLAND – A 61-year-old Worcester County player is $100,000 richer today after finding that top prize hiding under the number 15 on a MONOPOLY™ X50 scratch-off.

Nicknamed “Park Avenue Diva” for her Lottery story, the lucky lady said she was on her way home from a meeting last week when she stopped at Shore Stop #211 in Salisbury to buy MONOPOLY scratch-offs. The Bishopville resident has won small prizes in the game, which she said encouraged her to continue to play the new MONOPOLY games. The big winner took the scratch-offs to her car to play.

“I bought four of the games this time and won $40 on the first three,” she told Lottery officials. “Park Avenue Diva” then played her fourth instant ticket. She scratched the block of winning numbers and found a match with the number 15 in the third row. The prize beneath the matching number was too much to believe.

“I had to adjust my glasses to make sure that was a 15, that I matched,” she said. “When I saw the $100,000 prize, I could not believe my eyes.”

The office administrator calmed down before sharing the news with a few family members, including one of her daughters. “I’m known for playing practical jokes and she really thought I was kidding,” said “Park Avenue Diva.”

When she got home, the anonymous player showed everyone the winning instant ticket and had her boyfriend scan it using the Maryland Lottery app to confirm the win. He then put the $10 instant ticket into a sealed bag for safekeeping. The big winner claimed her prize late last week.

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The mother of three and grandmother of seven said she plans to help her children financially, when needed, with proceeds from her prize. “Park Avenue Diva” also plans to purchase a new car with her newfound fortune.

Also celebrating the big win is Shore Stop #211. The Lottery retailer located at 1215 Mt. Hermon Road receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The MONOPOLY X50 scratch-off game, which still has eight $100,000 top prizes remaining, went on sale Jan. 17, 2022, as part of the MONOPOLY Second-Chance Promotion from the Maryland Lottery. The following scratch-offs joined the $10 ticket: $1 MONOPOLY X5, $2 MONOPOLY X10 and $5 MONOPOLY X20. In addition, two FAST PLAY games were introduced: $3 MONOPOLY Game Tokens and $20 MONOPOLY Properties.

Players can enter any non-winning MONOPOLY™ scratch-off and winning or non-winning FAST PLAY MONOPOLY™ tickets into My Lottery Rewards for a chance to win cash prizes. Six drawings will take place, with each drawing awarding one Rolling Cash Jackpot and ten $2,500 prizes. A Rolling Cash Jackpot is a prize that starts at $2,500 at the beginning of each promotion period, and grows until the drawing date. Additional information is available at

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