Toms River’s Joe Joe’s Italian Hot Dogs is Gone, but Not Forgotten as New Restaurant Pays Homage to the Past

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TOMS RIVER – When Joe Joe’s Italian Hot Dogs decided to shut its doors forever, it was like a stake through the heart for many in Toms River who grew fond of the spot for decades. Jo-Jo’s was one of the latest in a string of long-time locally-owned restaurants calling it quits during the COVID-19 pandemic that brought extended lockdowns, indoor dining restrictions and a slowdown in business for tens of thousands of restaurants across New Jersey.

Now, a new brand is moving in and completing a total facelift of the old Joe Joe’s restaurant.

Chomp! is an American comfort food themed restaurant featuring popular breakfast sandwiches, lunch and baskets. Even better, the menu at Chomp! has a “Jo Jo’s Dogs” section featuring the former restaurant’s signature offerings, dirty dogs, Italian hot dogs and more.