There he goes again…Phil Murphy is releasing more dangerous inmates under COVID-19 early release policy

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TRENTON, NJ – Phil Murphy can’t help himself. Even after five people have been murdered as a result of his early inmate release program, he’s letting even more criminals out of prison early. The pandemic has subsided, cases are down and omicron was a mild strain of COVID-19 compared with the major strains that came before.

Still, Murphy is continuing to award get out of jail free cards. On Thursday, Murphy is ordering the release of 260 more inmates.

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New Jersey Senator Anthony Bucco raised the red flag on Murphy as Democrats in Trenton sit quietly and allow the governor to continue his his dangerous liberal pandemic agenda that could lead to even more unnecessary murders in the Garden State.

Bucco said it’s shocking that the Murphy administration is quietly releasing hundreds of inmates from prison just two days after urban mayors and law enforcement gathered in Paterson urging a change in state law to keep dangerous criminals in jail.

“Violent crime in some of our cities has gotten so bad under the Murphy administration that many urban mayors who supported bail reform are demanding a new law that would keep dangerous criminals in jail until trial,” said Bucco (R-25). “Instead of helping the mayors to address their serious concerns about public safety, Governor Murphy is throwing gas on the fire by releasing hundreds of inmates into the very same communities where crime is already surging. It’s absolutely nuts and beyond tone-deaf.”

Alex Zdan from News 12 New Jersey broke the news last night that the Murphy administration will release 260 inmates from state prisons today under a pandemic early release policy.

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It does not appear that any public notice was made by the Murphy administration or the New Jersey Department of Corrections of the planned inmate release.

This latest release comes after 40% of the state prison population was set free into New Jersey communities under the administration’s early release policy in 2020 and 2021.

One of the inmates Murphy released early was charged with killing two people at a birthday party, while another was charged with killing someone within a half-mile of his prison just two days after being set free.

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“The simple fact is that people are dead who would be alive today if not for Governor Murphy’s misguided early release program,” added Bucco. “Given the tragic results of past inmate releases, it’s no surprise the least transparent administration in New Jersey history hasn’t said anything about the hundreds of prisoners the governor is setting free today. Our safe streets, Governor Murphy should Give It Back.”