Woman reportedly upset after Jewish First Aid volunteers show up to help her: Not with you guys, no Jews

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LAKEWOOD, NJ – A disturbing claim being reported today by the Lakewood Scoop alleges a woman who called for emergency medical services was greeted by Jewish first aid volunteers and wasn’t happy about it.

The Scoop reported the woman,irate, said “Not with you guys, no Jews.”

When the Jewish First Aid volunteers called in for backup, an ambulance from Robert Wood Johnson showed up…with two Jewish EMTs on board.
“She threw a tantrum and was then transported. By Jewish volunteers,” the Scoop reported.

“When Jewish Lakewood First Aid volunteers showed up at a call to a non-Jewish patient this evening, the patient said, “not with you guys – no jews.” Then medics from RWJ showed up. They were both Jewish too,” the Scoop reported.