As blue states pull mask mandate, Biden says they’re not following the science, he is

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U.S. President Biden speaks about efforts to lower health care costs during visit to Germanna Community College in Culpepper, Virginia

As blue states such as New York, Oregon, New Jersey, and his home state of Delaware begin to pull back on indoor facemask mandates, President Joe Biden says he’ll continue to follow the science and the CDC, calling those decisions premature.

“Well you know, it’s uh…I’ve…I committed that I would follow the science,” Biden said. “The science as put forward by the CDC and…and the federal people and I think it’s probably premature but it’s you know, it’s a tough call.”

Biden, standing atop the Democrat party this week, didn’t sign on to the 180-degree turn made by state party leaders to begin drawing down overreaching pandemic executive orders and mandates.