New Jersey Governor says trucker protest reality is a real threat to state

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View of Port Newark and the shipping containers in Bayonne New Jersey. The area is known for oil storage and international shipping

NEWARK, NJ – New Jersey is home to the third biggest port in the United States, the Port of New York and New Jersey Port Newark. With threats of looming trucking protests in the making nationwide due to the success of the Canadian protest, Governor Phil Murphy said a trucker threat in the Garden State is a real threat.

Over 56 million tons of foreign cargo is received annually at Port Newark and 20 million tons of American goods ship out of the port annually. The port also processes 46 million tons of domestic goods annually.

“Without question, we have one of the largest ports in the country and knocking on wood with our folks have managed it brilliantly in the context of this pandemic, but that trucker reality is a threat without question,” Murphy said.