BLM just spent $100,000 to bail out Louisville man who attempted to assassinate Jewish mayoral candidate

LOUISVILLE, KY – A man who attempted to murder Lousiville Mayoral Candidate Craig Greenberg has been freed from prison after Black Lives Matter activists posted a $100,000 bail for his release. On Monday, at 10:15 am, Quintez Brown walked into the 1200 block of Story Avenue in the Butchertown section of the city. That location is the campaign headquarters for Greenberg’s political campaign.

Brown entered the building and fired shots into a space occupied by Greenberg and his staffers, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department. Greenberg, police say was the intended target.

Greenberg and staffers suffered injuries, but were safely evacuated by responding officers. Greenberg narrowly missed being shot as an article of clothing he was wearing was later found to have been struck by one of Brown’s bullets. Police say Brown acted alone, but on Wednesday, Black Lives Matter members delivered a bank check in the sum of $100,000 to free Greenberg.

The money was supplied by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which is supported by Black Lives Matter Louisville.

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Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said it was a local judge’s decision to free Brown shortly after his attempted murder.

“Quintez Brown’s bond and release have been decided independently by a judge. Mr. Brown will be monitored by the Department of Corrections, consistent with Home Incarceration Program rules and regulations and any conditions set forth in the court order, including use of a GPS monitoring device and home checks,” Fischer said. “Alerts will notify HIP personnel if the device is tampered with or goes outside the geofence.”

BLM organizer Chanelle Helm said Brown suffers from mental illness and should not be in jail, but instead needs treatment for his illness. Greenberg is a Jewish Democrat running for office.