With Trump breathing down his neck, Congressman Chris Smith says Durham report shows Hillary Clinton spied on President

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FREEHOLD, NJ – Even though New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith is squarely in the crosshairs of Donald J. Trump and his supporters, facing a primary challenge in June, Smith is still defending the President after the release of the shocking Durham report.

That report showed evidence that Hillary Clinton and her campaign agents were actively engaging in political espionage against candidate Trump and then utilizing a contact with access to White House computers, continued their spying campaign into the Trump presidency.

“The Russia collusion hoax is the most egregious campaign of slander and defamation—all coordinated to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump,” Smith said. “The Durham filing sheds additional light on this outrageous smear campaign against President Trump which was pushed by Hillary Clinton, Democrats and a biased media.”

Smith denounced the Clinton campaign and said those individuals who orchestrated and engaged in the Presidential espionage against the former president should be held accountable.

“The revelation that the Clinton campaign had ties to a tech operative with access to Trump campaign and White House data is absolutely unconscionable. The perpetrators of these crimes against President Trump need to be held accountable, now,” Smith added. “Congress has a serious oversight obligation to get to the truth. Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised to hold a comprehensive investigation into the “spying scheme” when the Republicans take back the House.  If we are to restore confidence in the rule of law and our democratic institutions, that day cannot come soon enough.”

Although Trump is seeking to unseat Smith in November, Smith gained the backing of both the Monmouth and Ocean County GOP organizations last week who have vowed to back Smith in their latest “Dump Trump” effort.