Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is now wishing he never took his face mask off for a photo op with Magic Johnson at the big game held in his city. Garcetti’s action cause widespread outcry claiming he violated the Los Angeles County indoor mask mandate. He’s not sorry he violated the rules, he’s upset that his violation garnered nationwide attention.

Garcetti at So-Fi Stadium without a mask at the NFC championship and Super Bowl led to lots of criticism online.

“Do you think that you made a mistake?” Garcetti was aked. “Did you learn any sort of lessons from the way that all went down and do you understand why so many people were so frustrated?”

Garcetti maintains his position that no rules were violated. He even claimed at one point that he held his breath for the photo.

“I was abiding by the county regulations for instance at the Super Bowl, you know I abided the whole time,” the mayor said. “You’re allowed to eat and drink with the mask off and I always gave people my face for a picture because that’s what they asked for.”

The mayor said the uproar was all about nothing and it isn’t even worthy of a news story.

“I think that there’s real news out there and this isn’t a real story,” he said, offering his advice to other Democrat mayors who push mask mandates but violate them personally. “My advice is if your mayor don’t take the mask off.”