South Jersey Cop Awarded for Life Saving Action after Man Stabbed Himself in the Chest with a Knife

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by Gloucester Police Department

Congratulations to Gloucester Township Police Officer, Ptl. Gary Turner, who received a Life Saving Merit Award at Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund’s 55th Annual Dinner on Friday night!

In March 2021, Ptl. Turner was dispatched to a local residence for a report of a man who stabbed himself in the chest with a large kitchen knife. Ptl. Turner was one of the first arriving Officers and immediately recognized the seriousness of the injury and the potential of the wound to be fatal without immediate medical treatment. Relying on his training and knowledge as a Medic in the United States Army, Ptl. Turner quickly applied an occlusive dressing to properly treat the sucking chest wound, limiting the further potential for air to enter the chest cavity and allowing the patient to remain stable until Advanced and Basic Life Support arrived.

If not for the attention to detail, quick thinking, and preparedness for duty on behalf of Ptl. Turner, the patient may not have survived until the arrival of medical personnel. His dedication to duty, training, and high level of preparedness with advanced medical equipment directly contributed to the successful outcome of this incident!