Grady Judd details story of of Winter Haven burglar’s capture

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by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd

A deputy had been doggedly trying to find two suspects who were wanted for a burglary case last month, but had so far avoided capture. Doggedly is a good way to describe it, because not only did this deputy relentlessly follow leads to track them down, he’s also a K-9 handler.

The deputy tracked the two wanted women to Robert Avenue in the Haven of Winter and placed them both under arrest. Tough break for the women…one celebrates her birthday in a couple of weeks, and the other was actually arrested on her birthday. Probably not much celebrating that day for her. But hey, at least it will surely be memorable.

The other case involved a man named Steven.

A deputy went to arrest Steven at his father’s house within the Providence neighborhood in Davenport. As the deputy approached the glass door, Steven saw him and quickly moved away from the door.

Deputies surrounded the house, and tried to get Steven to exit peacefully. This was at one o’clock in the morning, so the neighbors were probably wanting Steven to end things peacefully too.

Unfortunately, Steven refused to exit peacefully, so deputies went in and got him loudly.

While a deputy tried to handcuff him, Steven grabbed the deputy’s finger. This was not one of those, “Pull my finger” jokes, so the deputy was none-too-pleased about this surprise, and made Steven let go.

Steven was arrested, and hopefully his neighbors were able to get some rest.