EMT workers start shift to find ambulance ransacked and robbed

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STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, NJ – When volunteers from the Stafford EMS arrived for their shift Friday night, they discovered their ambulance was ransacked and robbed.

“Late last night our duty crew went out to get some food during their shift. When they returned to the ambulance they noticed the back of the ambulance was in complete disarray,” Stafford EMS said. “It was determined that someone entered the ambulance and went through the compartments and unfortunately got away with some medical supplies that are used to deliver care to the sick and injured.”

The items stolen did not have great monetary value, but impacted the crew’s ability to provide services.

“Although it wasn’t a lot of expensive items we ask that you please do not enter the ambulance and steal supplies from us,” the squad said. “We are a very caring and professional organization and we are always here for anyone that needs our help. Please do not steal stuff that could save a life! Instead of stealing give us a call or stop by one of our buildings and we will gladly help you out!”